A new edition of SpaceUp Barcelona will be hosted by GTD

We are proud to announce the 2018 Edition of SpaceUp Barcelona, which will take place at the headquarters of GTD System & Software Information, from May 12th to 13th.
SpaceUp is a two-days space “unconference” where its participants can give a speech, present a demo, participate in a roundtable and/or moderate panels. The topics of the talks, as well as the schedule and structure of the entire event, are decided by the people attending the sessions in order to make them as interesting and engaging as possible.
One of the most exciting parts of SpaceUp is the “T minus 5,” where each speaker gets 5 minutes to talk, with 20 slides that rotate automatically every 15 seconds. It is a fun and informal format meant to stimulate the participants and allow for a variety of topics to be discussed in a short period of time. GTD is a company with headquarters in three continents and a strong presence in European and international projects. In the aerospace sector, its knowledge and experience have made it one of the main Spanish players. Therefore, we want GTD to be a benchmark for professionals in this field, both for recent university graduates and for senior profiles with a long career. To reach this target, GTD has decided to join the SpaceUp world through its intern program Ambassadors. This initiative is led by a specialized and young talented team at GTD to promote talent acquisition and at the same time make the company collaborative with these type of non-profit-making events.
Given that SpaceUp events feature internationally renowned speakers such as astronauts, scientists, writers, space program managers, or industry executives and workers, GTD believes it is a great opportunity for sharing its work in the space industry, keeping up-to-date with the sector, and learning from the professionals attending the talks.